Recent Art I’ve Done

This is a very different collage. The brown thing in the corner kinda looks like poop, but in real life its more green than brown. THAT’S NASTY But art is art right? When I was making this, it was not my intention.

This is probably the art piece I was mast proud of. I like how the cherry blossoms turned out, and the mountain looks much more smudgy on camera than it does in real life. Like A LOT. This is Chinese Brush Painting, by the way. I of course, don’t have a real set, so I used my good old watercolors.

My first take on Chinese Brush Painting. Like, for my first try, it’s okay. Again, mountains are much more smudgy looking. (Though in real life they are pretty smudgy) And the boat… It died I think. It smudged all over. The only thing I’m pretty proud of is the ocean. I like the ombre effect.


Some Changes

I have thought of the new idea for the series.

Summing It Up

(I actually got this idea from Maggie @MaggiesDoodles Snapshots From my week)

It will just be a reflection of my week, highs and lows, photos, short stories, etc.

10 thoughts on “Recent Art I’ve Done

  1. Ok. I seriously love your Chinese brush paintings!! 😍 the cherry blossoms, depth and color of the ocean, angles of the mountains, the boat (that smudge totally looks like where the oars might be!) – I love them! Like I would buy them and put them on my bedroom walls if I could 😂💕
    Oh that new series sounds fun! I can’t wait to read those posts💜


  2. Ahhh! These drawings are amazing! (Much better than I could’ve done) I love your collage and the different style it is! What is your favorite way to draw? Do you like collages? I’ve been wanting to start one but I wondered if you enjoyed it? If that makes sense XD


    • Awww! Thank you so much! My favorite was to draw is to sketch it out lightly, and then use watercolors! I love collages, yes! I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for reading!


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