looking back + reacting to my old blog posts

I can already tell that this post is gonna be fun.

I have quite a few old posts in the trash. (They were taking up A LOT of space, ok??) And I thought it might be fun to react to them.

(why am i nervous?)

P O S T #1

Chores and Cleaning: Can this be fun?

Get ready for the cringe.

Before I read it, I wanna tell you guys the memories of this post. 2020 me was so excited to post this. It had 593 words, and lemme tell ya, I was proud. It was long, and seemed very professional. (idk that’s what i thought…) It was gonna inspire people all over the world to clean and do their chores.

yea right.

Hi, and welcome back to Beautiful Days! How are you doing? How is the weather? Here in Georgia it’s cloudy, but still nice and warm!

Chores and Cleaning: Can this be fun?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Yes because I love to clean. Yes because of a Goal & Reward System. Yes because you can clean with almost anybody, using technology, or not. But, if you don’t believe me, keep reading, and I will share some tips to make Cleaning and Chores can be fun.

  1. Make a Goal & Reward System

If you don’t feel motivated to clean, or you know you have to, but you don’t want to, you should try this tip. To do this, give yourself a reward for cleaning. Such as candy, a break, something new to buy, or anything else that appeals to YOU. Say, you clean for half an hour, and you get to use your reward time for 15 minutes. Or whatever time you want and feel comfortable with.

2. Make cleaning fun

I clean because I love to feel clean. You can clean for any reason whatever, so clean for that. Clean for your friend that you want to impress. Try to put on some music, or clean with a friend, do whatever it takes to get you motivated.

3. Do chores to get things done

If you put do chores on your to-do list, there is a chance that it will sit there, for a couple of days or even weeks. I am talking about Laundry, the dishwasher, cleaning your room, etc.

Laundry: (make it happen and cleanliness)

Make it happen:

  • Start a schedule. Having a schedule makes it feel like it is in place, and you can’t avoid it. I do my laundry every Saturday, so I know on Saturday morning that is one of the things I need to do it my laundry.
  • Put your favorite article of clothing in your hamper, and make yourself keep it in the hamper, even if it is not dirty, till you wash your laundry. This works for a while, but when you do this for a few weeks, you will start (hopefully) to have a schedule in place.


  • I don’t roll my clothes that go into my dresser. I have found, that when I do this, my clothes get wrinkled. Instead of rolling your clothes, try folding them the Marie Kondo Way
  • Hang things nicely. When you hang things nicely first of all, it looks better, and second of all, your clothes stay in much better shape.
  • Organize your closet. I actually do this every Sunday but you can do this about once a month, or however many times you need to.
  • Don’t rush it. I used to rush laundry, and I got it done, but that is what I call a Check The Box Mentality. You just want to check the box, get it done, no matter how well it is done. Now, I make sure that I fold nicely and folding clothes is ALMOST calming in a way.
  • Make sure things are right side out. This is one of my biggest pet-peeves. When people fold their clothes the wrong side out. It looks sloppy, and you have to take extra time in the morning turning it right side out.

Those are my tips for laundry. I hope you try a few and comment to say how it worked for you.


cleaning can be fun!

I promise, it can. (I hope for you)

oh no. no. no. I bet half of y’all didn’t read the post. 😏

First of all, why am I asking about the weather? is that normal? does anyone else ask about the weather?

What is a goal and reward system? Never heard of that. Apparently I used it…….

You can clean for any reason whatever, so clean for that.”

wait im so confused-


Marie Kondo way?

why am i so fake rn?

we’re just gonna move on…

P O S T #2

Consistency – a new chapter

Not one of these. Why did I post these? Who wants to read these? I didn’t even like writing them. WhAt wAS i DoiNG? (By these I mean the blog improvement posts)

Hey there!

I was sitting down, daydreaming yesterday when an idea hit me. My blog. I didn’t like how it was moving. So, I’m going to change a few of things.

Below are the big five things I’m changing.

1. schedule

Do I post Wed, Fri, Sat, and Sun? No. Some weeks I didn’t even post. Just because I was scared of the sheer number of posts. So, I’m posting every Monday @ 8 A.M. (more on that later.)

I want my blog to have a more consistent feel.

3. what i’ll post about

I find my posts are boring to read. So, I’ll be updating my niche to somethings that I love to write and do, for instance photography and fashion.

4. post layout

My posts will be in a slightly different format than my earlier posts. Below is one:

The long story short is that nobody did one.

Well, I don’t enjoy reading that. So, I’ll change my layout. Since I’m posting every Monday at 8 am, (after this post), I will start with a quote, but I’ll add new layouts and fonts so every quote is different. Then, I’ll continue onto the post.

5. post length

Literally, this was one of my posts. It was called food. Another was called Dogs. Too vauge. I’m aiming for 200-400 words.

Alright. Not too bad.

Since when do I DaYdREam? never lol.

(i deleted the posts in my post lol bc i will also be reacting to those)


Thats a lot of posts…..

I’m calling my posts boring to read while writing this?

that’s just ironic.

P O S T #3


I’ve already read this one. It’s not my finest work. But that’s okay. With all of these posts, I’ve grown a lot, and I’m not beating myself up, I’m laughing at the funny moments I had.

wow that was deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Hi Guys, and welcome back! As you may have seen in my recent posts, I now try to post everyday at 12 PM ET. It may not always work out, but I will try! Oh, and also, happy Teusday! Today I want to talk about food. We all love food, I hope. There’s comfort foods, sweet foods, sour foods, and all different kinds of food. What’s you favorite kind of food? Comment down below. I love Avocado Toast, and blood oranges!

The length of that post was very nice.


well at least i’m trying lol.

HaPPy TeUSday!

teusday? what is teusday?

I don’t even like blood oranges.

and i never have.

and i never will.

P O S T #4


The final post! Another short one yay! πŸ˜‰

Hi Guys and welcome back to my blog! I want to talk about something that I think would be cool to comment on…


I love putting down any sort of quotes, like the one above. I edit them on fun backrounds and use apps like Over, Canva, Pic Collage, etc. Try one of the apps and comment down below the picture of the quote, the name you’d like to be featured with, and the app that you used.

Try this quote or pick your own –

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

-Maya Angelou

Happy Crafting!


That was really big.

i like it tho.

comment down below how many people you think did it, and if you get it right i’ll feature you and your blog in my next post!

Happy Crafting!

idk if it’s just me, but that gives me pumpkin patch vibes. (idk why)

Thank you so much for reading, and make sure to tell me if you liked this style of post!

I hope you liked me and my un-funny self. πŸ™‚


And now I’m obsessed with the giant text.

see ya next week!

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