recent favorites: decor, books, music + more

Hey you guys! I’m super excited for this post. Today I’ll be sharing some recent favorites of mine! I hope y’all enjoy!

Make sure to open this post online so you can see the photos! Thank you!


honey, oat milk, and almond candle

This candle smells so good! It’s also really cute. I love lighting it during my evening routine. I think the wood detail on the candle lid is really cool, too.

target – $5.00

succulent in terrarium

I made this succulent with my friends, so I don’t have a link. I think it’s really cute and the gold detail on the terrarium is adorable!

framed 2022 vision board

I think having my vision board printed out is a really great idea! I love having a daily visual reminder of my goals and also, the frame is pretty spot on!


over sized button up

I think over sized flannels are so cute! I love pairing this one with a simple white tee or tank top. It dresses up any outfit, and the colors on this one are so so so nice!

target – $20.00

black + white zara mini dress

This dress is not something I would wear normally, but I tried it on and I loved the way it fits, and it’s so so comfortable.I think the pattern is really cool, and it’s a really nice statement piece. (couldn’t find a link on the zara website)

nike air force 1

These shoes go with literally everything! You can wear them with dresses, leggings, or even a blazer if you want to dress them up. 10/10 reccomend, these are amazing. – $100

zara chunky black ankle boots

Ohhh, y’all! These boots. They’re so comfortable, and so cute! And the small platform is really really awesome! (also couldn’t find these on the zara website)

fuzzy cross slippers

These slippers are the cutest + most comfortable slippers ever! I wear them every morning for my morning routine. My bestie got them from Target for me, but I can’t find a link on the website.

crochet bag

My bestie (who got me the slippers) made this bag. It’s literally so cute, am I right? It looks like a daisy and is so spacious too! Comment down below that she needs to make an Etsy shop!

blue + gold necklace

This necklace is so comfortable, and it’s really nice. It matches with everything. I got it at a festival a while ago.

matte claw clips

I love claw clips so much! And these are longer, so they stay in wayyy longer! These are amazing, y’all! – $9.99


eo lavender body lotion

This smells really really good. I don’t really have that much to say about it.

(couldn’t find a link at target or amazon)

burts bee’s toothpaste

This the the. best. toothpaste. ever! It’s amazing, and it’s minty, but not spicy! 11/10 reccomend.

target – $4.99

burts bee’s chapstick

This is pretty much the best chapstick ever. It’s really nice! – $9.59

Alright, thank you so much for reading!

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