how i stay motivated in the mornings

Mornings. When you wake up your bed is so warm and soft and you don’t really want to get out of it. Today I’ll be sharing 10 tips I use to get out of bed and get my day started.

  1. alarms
    It’s funny how many people want to wake up earlier, but then never actually set an alarm. If you don’t set alarm you’re not going to wake up if you want to wake up earlier. A tip I like to use is to put my alarm on the other side of the room, so when I wake up I’ll have to get up to turn it off, and by then I’m already awake.
  2. washing your face
    After I get up, I go straight into my bathroom and wash my face with cold water. The cold water helps me wake up and it feels really good.
  3. hydrate!
    You have to remember to hydrate right after I wash my face I’ll drink some water. Your body is dehydrated you haven’t drinking any water since probably the time you went to bed.
  4. making your bed
    Making your bed is a crucial step to staying motivated in the mornings, because if you don’t make your bed, you can easily crawl back into it. Meanwhile, if you make your bed you can’t get back into it.
  5. journaling
    Drilling in the morning is really important to me. Whether this is journaling about your emotions, making a to-do list or even making notes about school, writing something on paper really helps need focus in the morning.
  6. staying off screens
    It’s really important to not have screens in part of your morning because it will negatively impact the rest of your day.
  7. make your morning enjoyable
    Turning on some music for a podcast in the morning makes my morning routines so much more enjoyable, because I have something going in the background and overall it just really helps. I don’t have any podcast suggestions because I don’t listen to those as much as I do music, but tell me in the comments you have any podcasts that you’d recommend.
  8. get dressed
    Getting dressed. This is so simple, it makes you feel so good when you put on a cute outfit, because you’re thinking I have a cute outfit on right now and I think I look great and I want people to see me in this outfit.
  9. accessories
    Once you get dressed in your amazing outfit, you should put on some accessories whether that’s using a headband or a claw clip in your hair, putting on some earrings, for a cute necklace, you want to get back in bed with all that on.
  10. breakfast
    Breakfast is the most enjoyable part of my morning, because I make a delicious breakfast, whether that’s avocado toast, or scrambled eggs, or oatmeal with berries, an important part of your morning is to eat a good, filling breakfast.

Thank you so much for reading!

9 thoughts on “how i stay motivated in the mornings

  1. ooh I absolutely needed this post! I put my alarm across the room as well and it helps so much! I also love opening my window first thing (I can reach it while still in bed) so I’m not as tempted to go back to sleep. these are amazing tips!

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  2. Love this post Willow! Staying off my screen in the morning is definitely something I’m working on!
    I love the whole aesthetic of your blog, I found it from Sophia’s blog and it’s so cool! 😆

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