march recap

hey y’all! it’s been a while, that’s for sure. i’m glad to be back. this is my first monthly recap, and i’m pretty excited about it. i’m going to try to take things from other bloggers’ recaps, but put my own spin on it. i hope you enjoy it!

b o o k s

books i read.

this month, i finished one book, the war i finally won, by kimberly brubaker bradley. so, i’m going to do a fun mini book review on it. (there are no spoilers in the rating below)

r a t i n g – 8 / 10


i thought it was a pretty good book, but it was kind of sad, and not very funny. there were several points in the book where there was just a sad period where nothing was really happening.


the characters in this book were the best part. i could sympathize with ada, the main character, and i think there was a lot of good character development.


the plot was lacking in this book. there were some points where there was so much happening, and some points when there was nothing going on. it wasn’t a ‘i can’t put this down’ kinda book.

books i want to read.

this month, i want to read 1 book, but start another book. there are a few books that i have my eye on, so make sure to give your feedback in the comments if you’ve read them. i would love some good book recommendations. 😉

siege and storm – leigh bardugo

this book is a sequel to the first book, shadow and bone. while i didn’t love the first book, i’d love to give the series another try with siege and storm.

the shape of thunder – jasmine warga

i read another book by jasmine warga, called other words for home, and i liked it. i have high hopes for this book, and i hope it reaches them.

m u s i c

t o p s o n g s a n d a r t i s t s

taylor swift – well of course she’s on here. i have a playlist dedicated to her. my recent favorite songs are the lakes – original version, the 1, and nothing new.

billie eilish – recently i’ve been loving happier than ever. my favorite songs are happier than ever (the song lol), and halley’s comet.

lana del rey – i just found out that lana del rey sings so many of the songs i’ve heard on the radio, and always wondered who sang them lol. my favorite songs by her are brooklyn baby, summertime sadness, and pretty when you cry.

this is my recent favorite playlist that i made, it’s been on repeat all month.

g o a l s

this is my first time ever making monthly goals, but i think it will be nice to look back and see what i did.

✰journal every other day – i love journaling, but lately i haven’t been doing it very often.

✰learn a song on piano – i used to take piano lessons, but i don’t anymore. i love learning new songs, so this will be fun.

✰focus more in class – during school, i always find myself zoning out and not paying attention in class, and i’m always so confused afterward.

✰practice left hand passes – i play lacrosse, and it’s important to be able to play with both hands, so i want to become better at left hand passing and cradeling.

✰keep my room clean – lately, my room has been either very messy or very clean. i like it clean, and it looks so nice when it’s clean, too.

✰do my morning routine more – yes, i have a morning routine. i love doing it, it’s very calming for some reason, but i don’t do it often, and i would like to change that.

o t h e r

b l o g o f t h e m o n t h


my bessie katie started a blog! i’m so excited for her, and just look at that graphic design!

how beautiful is this y’all!

i encourage all of y’all to go follow her immediately, i’m sure she’ll come out with more amazing + aesthetic 😉 posts during april!

thank you so much for making it to the end! you don’t even know how much it means to me. if there’s anything else you would like to see in the next monthly recap, or any post at all, make sure to let me know in the comments!

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