make a collage with me

hey guys! i thought it might be fun to make a collage with me post. i make collages all the time, and i’m hoping this helps you if you want to start making some. the majority of this post is photos, so if you are reading this in an email or the reader, you can open it up to see the photos.

i use canva to make my collages.

if you go to, you can find several different sizes and shapes of templates.

today we will be using the poster option, but you can use any size you want.

your screen should now look something like this.

then, i searched up peach aesthetic in pinterest.

i copied and pasted a bunch of pictures into canva, and started spacing them out.
i now have all of my photos arranged in a collage, but they are really different, and they don’t really look like a put together collage.

now, i’m going to add a filter called whimsical to the photos. (in case you were wondering, i changed a few of the photos)

the filter now helps all of the photos look cohesive!

then, i thought the collage looked a little plain, so i added a quote called tan meringue.

alright, that’s all for today, i hope you enjoyed it! i’ll see you next time!

recent favorites: decor, books, music + more

Hey you guys! I’m super excited for this post. Today I’ll be sharing some recent favorites of mine! I hope y’all enjoy!

Make sure to open this post online so you can see the photos! Thank you!


honey, oat milk, and almond candle

This candle smells so good! It’s also really cute. I love lighting it during my evening routine. I think the wood detail on the candle lid is really cool, too.

target – $5.00

succulent in terrarium

I made this succulent with my friends, so I don’t have a link. I think it’s really cute and the gold detail on the terrarium is adorable!

framed 2022 vision board

I think having my vision board printed out is a really great idea! I love having a daily visual reminder of my goals and also, the frame is pretty spot on!


over sized button up

I think over sized flannels are so cute! I love pairing this one with a simple white tee or tank top. It dresses up any outfit, and the colors on this one are so so so nice!

target – $20.00

black + white zara mini dress

This dress is not something I would wear normally, but I tried it on and I loved the way it fits, and it’s so so comfortable.I think the pattern is really cool, and it’s a really nice statement piece. (couldn’t find a link on the zara website)

nike air force 1

These shoes go with literally everything! You can wear them with dresses, leggings, or even a blazer if you want to dress them up. 10/10 reccomend, these are amazing. – $100

zara chunky black ankle boots

Ohhh, y’all! These boots. They’re so comfortable, and so cute! And the small platform is really really awesome! (also couldn’t find these on the zara website)

fuzzy cross slippers

These slippers are the cutest + most comfortable slippers ever! I wear them every morning for my morning routine. My bestie got them from Target for me, but I can’t find a link on the website.

crochet bag

My bestie (who got me the slippers) made this bag. It’s literally so cute, am I right? It looks like a daisy and is so spacious too! Comment down below that she needs to make an Etsy shop!

blue + gold necklace

This necklace is so comfortable, and it’s really nice. It matches with everything. I got it at a festival a while ago.

matte claw clips

I love claw clips so much! And these are longer, so they stay in wayyy longer! These are amazing, y’all! – $9.99


eo lavender body lotion

This smells really really good. I don’t really have that much to say about it.

(couldn’t find a link at target or amazon)

burts bee’s toothpaste

This the the. best. toothpaste. ever! It’s amazing, and it’s minty, but not spicy! 11/10 reccomend.

target – $4.99

burts bee’s chapstick

This is pretty much the best chapstick ever. It’s really nice! – $9.59

Alright, thank you so much for reading!

my 2022 vision board + why you should make yours

Hey y’all! I hope you’ve had a great week! I’ve been trying to keep up with posting, and I think I’ve done a pretty good job. Today I’ll be showing you my 2022 vision board, how I made it, and why you should make one too.

This is my 2022 vision board (the little spots are covering up a personal photo)

  1. I first chose a color scheme to make my vision board cohesive. I chose a light beige, green, and white.

These are some colors close to my vision board.

2. Figure out what you want to be in 2022

This is basically making goals.

  • I added pictures of journaling because I want to do more of that in 2022.
  • I added pictures of Paris because I’ve been there once and it’s my favorite place I’ve ever been to.
  • I added some smoothie / acai bowls, and oatmeal bowls because I think they taste super good.
  • I added pictures of flexibility / working out because those are things I want to focus on in 2022.
  • Then I filled the rest of the collage with inspo quotes, these really cute nails, and some cute outfits.

3. Find photos that have your goals and color scheme

This step is pretty explanatory lol.

4. Open up Canva or a Google Slide

If you don’t want use Canva, you can also use a Google Slide. I’d recommend using Canva because there are filters, but I’ll get back into that later.

5. Use a filter

I’d like to thank Diary Of A Daydreamer for mentioning that Canva has filters, because I wouldn’t have known if she hadn’t said that lol. I linked her post where she described her vision board. I used the filter called Fresco.

This makes everything match, just like she said.

why should i make one?

  • You can have a visual reminder of your goals whenever you open your computer
  • They’re super fun to make
  • You can get inspo from other people’s vision boards

And a soo many more!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’ll see you next week!

utah photo dump

Hey y’all! I went to Utah! It was absolutely amazing and the snow was wonderful! So, I thought, why not make a photo dump. This is probably going to be a super short post just with pictures, but, why not?

I hope you enjoy!

Christmas Tree outside our hotel

I know todays post was super short,but I just wanted to share a little photo dump and I hope you enjoyed! See you next week!

my favorite albums by my favorite artists

Hi there! Welcome back to Beautiful Days. I hope you’re having a great day today. Today I’ll be doing a music related post, so bear with me, I haven’t done this before. I will be sharing my favorite albums by my favorite music artists. I’ll also be sharing what I like to listen to in certain situations.

1. Taylor Swift – evermore/Reputation

“Life was a willow and it bent right to your wind

“I’m sorry, but the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ’cause she’s dead”

I couldn’t choose between the two albums. They are so different, but Taylor Swift has really nailed it for me on these to albums. Reputation is definitely a lot more upbeat, but evermore is such a beautiful album.

My favorite song off evermore is willow. It does get a little repetitive, but it was the song on evermore that really stood out for me.

My favorite off Reputation is Look What You Made Me Do. It is so catchy.

2. ariana grande – thank u, next

Wearing a ring, but ain’t gon’ be no “Mrs.”

thank u, next is just so good! My favorite song off thank u, next is 7 rings. It gets stuck in my head everytime I listen to it, and I don’t really have a good reason why I love it, though.

3. dua lipa – Future Nostalgia

“You got me in love again

This is by far Dua Lipa’s best album. I had a really tough time deciding what my favorite song was, but I’m going to have to go with Love Again. I think it’s pretty new, and I keep playing it. I love how it features some of  “Your Woman” in it. It’s so unique, but so catchy!

4. olivia rodrigo – SOUR

“it’s brutal out here”

Yes, I know, she only has one album. (Should I do a SOUR album review??) But it’s so good I just can’t. And my favorite song… well… brutal, good 4 u, deja vu, drivers license, 1 step forward, 3 steps back, jealousy, jealousy. I couldn’t choose one, because it just keeps changing, but right now, I would have to say brutal. (I can’t believe I actually chose one)

5. vance joy – Dream Your Life Away

“Lady, running down to the riptide”

Vance Joy is just *chef’s kiss*. My favorite song from Dream Your Life Away is Riptide. That’s because it was the fist Vance Joy song I ever heard.

6. alice merton – Mint

I like digging holes and hiding things inside them.”

I love alice merton so much! I have been loving her new(ish) song Vertigo, but Mint is great! My favorite song off Mint is No Roots, it has such a good beat, and it was my favorite song for a while.

7. lizzo – Cuz I Love You

“I put the sing in single

Cuz I Love You is so good! My favorite song off Lizzo’s album is Truth Hurts.

best song to sing when I’m happy – Paper Rings

“I like shiny things, but I’d marry you with paper rings

Paper Rings. Just yes. That’s all I have to say.

best song to sing when I’m sad/upset – idontwannabeyouanymore

“If teardrops could be bottled, there’d be swimming pools filled by models

This song is amazing! I’m not a huge fan of Billie’s anymore, but this song will always have a place in my heart.

best super new song – Don’t Go Yet

“Don’t go yet.”

This song is super new. I think it came out last week or so?

my favorite singles right now – All I Want, and Vintage

All I Want is such an amazing song. Yes, it is by Olivia Rodrigo, but it’s not on SOUR. It’s from the show she acts on, High School Musical The Musical The Series. I haven’t watched it before, so I can’t rate that for you.

Vintage. It’s such a catchy, upbeat song. I first heard this song on Alt Nation, but now I listen to it on Spotify all the time.

wrapping up

Wow, this was fun!

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